Fighting the title continues: Pilsen hosts Liberec, Sparta welcomes Teplice

While Jablonec loses nine points in first place, the second place is still in sight (four points). This placement means progress to the 3rd Preliminary Round of the Champions League.

“Pribram has a good cadre which has strengthened in the winter. We will have to pay particular attention to their rapid transition to attack. In his cadre, he has dangerous end-to-end players and the tip of experienced Bednar, “said the assistant to Jablonec coach Jiří Chytrý.

Pribram is in the form. She defeated Mlada Boleslav and Slovácko in the spring and went to the better half of the table.

The spring is not successful in the spring – it only defeated Jihlava. Now a team with a worse balance will stand against him. Ceske Budejovice did not get even one point in the new year.

“Slovácko has a good team.In front of the game everything is about Libor Došek, who is hard to defend in our league. In a way he plays long and plays well. We will have to adapt to this and we have to think about it, “commented František Cipro, a Budejovic coach.

Jihlava will make an important duel with Hradec Králové. Both teams are fighting for rescue in the highest competition. There is not even one team currently on the descent rails.

“We can not afford to underestimate Hradec, after four spring rounds he got off the descent ramps. He plays well and out – he won a point in Mlada Boleslav and won in Slovácko. Which is a good warning for us, “Jihlava coach Ludek Klusacek said.

At home, Sparta needs to compensate for losses from outdoor matches.For the draws in Ostrava (1: 1) and Jablonec (0: 0) he loses 5 points to the lead Pilsen.

“We are looking for our matches that we have to deal with. Then he will see where it will move us and the spot difference, “Zdeněk Svoboda, assistant to the coach of the flight, said. “It’s a matter of two matches that can be different.”

The Teplick Coach Petr Rada would like to score in Prague and extend the successful series at the North Bohemian Team, which he only lost one time under his leadership. p>

“Sparta and Pilsen bookmakers comparison dominate the league but can play with everybody. Only Spooky Will Beat You, “he said.

On Saturday, Sparta, in co-operation with the Archdiocesan Charity, prepared a special event. Each ticket will contribute three crowns to the hospital bed of a Czech hospital in Uganda.The operation of one bed costs CZK 15,600 a year.

“The reason we decided to support the hospital in Africa is that we have a player from this continent in the team and we also perceive their stories from what environment , “Said Spartan Spokeswoman Ondřej Kasík.

Pilsen, as well as Teplice and Sparta, are waiting for the third match during the week. “We have a challenging program, but it is still only the fifth game after the winter preparation, so there is no reason to discuss whether the boys can handle it, “Said Pilsen coach Miroslav Koubek. “Three matches a week are a normal thing to attend. The topic of difficulty can only be in the context of bet live a recent illness.But I do not allow it, even the players feel good. “

The Liberty is going to be the clash of two different worlds. Pilsen won all the previous matches and leads the table, on the other hand, Liberec scored only the first time in the last round after the draw with Ostrava and dropped to the last place.

“We all know what opponent is waiting for us. Pilsen is in the game, he leads the league by five points. There is nothing to add to it, “said David Vavruška, a new coach from Liberec. “However, each match starts at zero zero. We are going to the battlefield where we will fight. I believe that we are well prepared for the war and the players do not give their skin for free. “Slavia had a good start of spring when she won in Liberec (3: 1) and showed decent performance against Teplice (2: 2) ).The last two games, however, lost and the dreamed fifth place is moving away.

“We have some scars, so we do not know who we can count with whom. He decides after a pre-match training, “Miroslav Beranek, the coach of the club, said.

Dukla is fighting for the fifth position, which in theory can also mean participation in European cups. The Bohemians struggle on the other side of the table. Only 3 points are separated from the descent partitions.

“Another Prague derby is waiting for us. Bohemka did not manage her last match in Hradec, so Hradec came close to her and the match with us is extremely important, “commented Luboš Kozel, coach of Dukla.